HistoryKnow our past

The beginning…

Having an early start in the glass industry at the Stephens Brothers Factory School, Floriano Ferreira da Silva used to dream of having his own business.
He asked for a one-year leave from work and in 1941, during World War II, in a small workshop, he started by cutting a large variety of components which were used to decorate chandeliers, lamps and candelabras.
He was, however, determined to change his dream into a successful project, and in 1985 he decided to create the company F. Ferreira da Silva, LDA, a name which stands to this day. The company, which is home to the third generation, is still run by the family.

Due to the market needs...

And the concern for the client's choices and tastes, the company has diversified its activity. As a result, there have been opportunities for negotiation with the USA, Europe and more recently, Asia, this has also led to an expansion of the company.
The company is currently not limited to the cutting of pieces but has also developed the production of glass and other types of arm lamps, with gold, silver and nickel-finished brass components.
Through the creativity of our craftspeople and by continuously taking our clients preferences into account, we successfully produce various models of chandeliers, lamps, candelabras and candlesticks which serve to enrich the decorative lighting sector in Portugal.
By combining the quality of our prime materials along with the skills of our craftspeople and our know-how, we create items which are highly recognized in both national and international markets.
Our technology has improved and all of our activity is more focused on the client, therefore our offer is more solid.